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A mountain village where the fugitives of the Heike Clan who lost the battle at Dan-no-Ura hid. Today, there are facilities that authentically reproduced the lifestyle of the fugitives, onsen ryokans, and many tourist spots.

Kinu-numa Marsh

Kinu-numa, the riverhead of the Kinugawa River, is a high moor with an altitude of 2,000 meters. This marsh is known for alpine plants growing in abundance, which blossom one after another from early summer to early autumn, enchanting hikers.

Heike Village

Heike Village was constructed in 1985 to observe the 800th anniversary of the Tairas’ defeat at the hand of the Minamotos in the Taira-Minamoto War. Several private houses in the village were moved here to reproduce and preserve the lifestyle of the fugitive Heike clan for future generations. Traditional everyday utensils and other items are on display here.

Jao-no-Taki Falls

This is a waterfall that cascades on the other side of the Kinugawa River looking from the prefectural railway 23rd Line. The name originates in the snakelike shape of the waterfall. It is particularly beautiful in the spring when it is robed with azaleas and in the autumn when it is covered with autumn leaves.

Heike Colony

One area of the hiking course along the Yunishigawa River that is lined with thatched-roofed houses. A sense of history can be felt from the thick beams and the high black ceilings. Even today, families live here to maintain and preserve these houses.


Hot spring jets 20-30m every 50-60 minutes from the gaps of the rocks below the Funsuibashi Bridge that bridges the Kinugawa River as it makes a deafening sound. It is a dynamic phenomenon created by nature.

Fugitive Heike Clan Great Festival

This festival reviving the prosperous days of the Tairas is the most famous event in Kuriyama Village. For three days from June 5, the grand scene of procession unrolls at the Yunishigawa hot spring resort like a picture scroll from the Heian era. The village chief, children and other locals, all dressed as Heike warriors and princesses, parade in the street. A variety of time-honored Heike rituals are also held at Heike Village.